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AI and Connectivity: Fueling Maritime’s Transformation

Thursday, June 6th
17:00 - 18:00 CET
Seminar room 1A, Metropolitan Expo, Athens

Join Orca AI and DeepSea’s special session at Posidonia 2024!

Where does hype end and reality begin when it comes to AI and connectivity and its ability to fuel maritime’s transformation?

Discover how industry leaders are harnessing the power of AI and connectivity to optimize vessel performance, reduce emissions, transform operations, and enhance decision-making at sea and shore.

In an open discussion, our experts will share case studies and practical insights into how they are overcoming challenges – differentiating hype and reality – and achieving success.

Among the topics we will discuss:


Alexandros Politis-Kalenteris
Deputy Chief Operating Officer
TMS Cardiff Gas Ltd.
Tino Rizzo
Managing Director
SeaTec (Part of V.Group)
Yarden Gross
Co-Founder & CEO
Orca AI
Co-Founder & CEO
DeepSea AI
Edwin Lampert
Executive Editor
Riviera Maritime Media
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