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Orca AI advances the maritime industry by providing intelligent navigation solutions, preventing collisions and saving lives. We ensure safety in waterways and deep waters by staying committed in our vision to reduce human-caused errors through intelligent automated vessels.

Our technology helps the captain and his navigation crew get an accurate view of the environment in real time, and make life-altering decisions. Empowered by AI, as well as the combination of new tools and current infrastructure, our approach is an innovative path yet to be taken in marine transportation.

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Bring cutting-edge technology into the world of maritime transport

Board of Directors

Experienced entrepreneur, Co-founder and former CEO at Engie - VC backed automotive tech company. Vast experience with Maritime sensors and technology. Holds a BA in Economics & Business from the IDC

Yarden Gross

Yarden Gross

CEO & Co-founder

Experienced Skipper, Artificial Intelligence Algorithms Engineer, and maritime navigation instructor. Led autonomous ships projects. Holds a B.sc in industrial engineering, specializing in Deep Learning pipelines

Dor Raviv

Dor Raviv

CTO & Co-founder

Catherine K.C. Leung served as Vice Chairman of JPMorgan Asia Investment Banking until 2015.  Under her leadership, JPMorgan was named Best Foreign Investment Bank in Hong Kong for consecutive years by The Asset magazine and Finance Asia.

Catherine K.C Leung

Catherine K.C. Leung

Founder & General Partner at MizMaa Ventures

Omri Dagul has over 40 years in the marine industry. He was appointed for Ray Shipping Ltd. He is Executive Vice President of its new ship-building initiatives.

Omri Dagul

Omri Dagul

Executive VP at Ray shipping


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