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Turning millions of nautical miles into actionable insights

FleetView for fleet operators and management

Unlock insights into fleet operations as never before

For the first time, fleet managers can monitor and improve operational KPIs, such as the number of near misses events, sharp turns, and sudden drops in speed under various COLREG situations. They can set the system to send them alerts on events of interest and learn from monthly management reports which trends require action.

Enhance SMS compliance

Be aware of near misses and close-encounter events that are violating your company's SMS and focus training on the right areas.

Meet your sustainability goals

Navigating safely results in fewer close encounter events, sharp maneuvers, and speed drops, ultimately reducing fuel consumption and emissions of CO2.

Increase profitability

by reducing claims, eliminating off-hires and down time, and protecting brand reputation.

Lead with insight & foresight

Orca AI harnesses data from millions of nautical miles to offer meaningful guidance and advice for avoiding danger. Furthermore, the system helps fleet managers to assess how their vessels align with maritime regulations (COLREG) and the company’s safety policy (SMS), as well as to track patterns and provide continuous feedback and input to its crews.

Real-time video livestream & alerts

See from the office in real time what the captain can see from the bridge, and get alerts on events that require immediate attention, like entry into no-go zones and areas of interest (AOI), high pitch and roll, and compliance violations.

Ships by Risk
1  High Risk
3  Medium Risk
9  Low Risk
Fleet's safety score dropped due to multiple close encounters in Malacca Straits over the past 30 days. Instruct crew or revise system thresholds

Actionable insights & recommendations

Understand how your fleet and specific vessels perform under various COLREG situations and in different locations, as well as which shifts are excelling (or not) and how your fleet is performing against others that are using Orca AI.

Easy event playback for training & debriefing

Leverage an extensive video library of all recorded events along with ENC and video feed analysis and tap into a rich source of safety and operational insights for documentation, debriefing, and training.

Fleet Safety Score
5 Aug
High Risk
Medium Risk
Low Risk
26 Jul
01 Aug
08 Aug
15 Aug
Average minimum distance
# of close encounter events

Advanced reporting

Generate reports on demand, as aggregated by a dedicated data team, which present performance trends so you can make fast, informed, data-driven decisions that improve the bottom line and secure your reputation.

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