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NorthStandard teams up with Orca AI to offer a special discount on Orca AI platform!

Vision you can trust

Take shipping operations safety and efficiency to the next level by empowering crews with enhanced vision and operation teams with actionable insights

Trusted by global leaders

SeaPod for the vessel

A fully automated lookout on the bridge

Marine situational awareness system for unmatched safety
Enable your crew to detect marine targets quickly and easily even with near zero visibility and in the most congested waters.

Lighten the load on your team
Reduce the workload with automatic detection, alerts and target prioritization to prevent confusion and fatigue.

Reduce human error
Empower your crew with automation and situational awareness technology so they can avoid costly mistakes and make timely, safe, and effective navigational decisions.

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FleetView for the office

Unprecedented visibility into maritime safety & operations

Ensure compliance with SMS
Identify navigational trends that pose a risk and take preventative actions.

Meet your sustainability goals
Avoid collision avoidance maneuvers and save fuel by getting early warnings of potential CPA/TCPA violations.

Increase profitability
Boost training in key areas and decrease time lost to off-hires and downtimes.

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Safe, efficient and sustainable operations

vessels are installed and booked with Orca AI
tonnes reduction in CO2 emissions across 267 vessels in 2023
fewer close encounter events and near misses across 267 vessels in 2023

Simple installation, easy to get started

Get up and running in no time with a simple installation and start making smarter decisions faster, both on board and on shore.

Implement in less than

1 day

Train the crew in less than

15 min

Case Study

Maran Tankers takes safety to new levels

Learn how the crude shipping giant reduced the number of close encounter events by 33% and increased the minimum average distance from other vessels by 27% in less than six months.


Enabling the autonomous shipping future, today

Orca AI is proud to have powered the world’s first autonomous commercial voyage in congested waters in partnership with NYK and the Nippon Foundation.

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Orca AI helped us find the ultimate computer vision solution to enhance situational awareness for ships. We believe that their groundbreaking technology has the potential to transform the shipping industry.

Orca AI is transforming traditional navigation paradigms. Their technology is sure to be a key enabler of autonomous shipping over the next few years.

"Orca AI allows our crews to navigate safely, by providing a better understanding of the vessel's surroundings during foggy and high sea conditions, when the radar screen becomes cluttered.

“Orca AI is very useful during approaches and in congested waters to ensure awareness of nearby targets. The thermal mode determines the actual size and characteristics of targets at night, a task that can be challenging with binoculars only."

Take shipping operations to the next level. Today.

Contact us and learn how cutting-edge AI and computer vision can help you take your fleet’s operations to the next level.

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