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Building a smart shipping future, together

Orca AI's go-to-market strategy is partner-driven to accelerate innovation in ocean commerce for the benefit of future generations. With our partners, Orca AI empowers the shipping industry with cutting-edge automated watchkeeping capabilities, enhancing safety and efficiency.

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An ecosystem of trusted partners

Classification Societies


Orca AI collaborates with DNV to ensure the reliability and approval of digital watchkeeping and autonomous capabilities, advancing safety and sustainable performance in the shipping industry.

Lloyd's Register

Orca AI collaborates with LR on assessing the decarbonization impacts of autonomous systems and crew wellbeing, ultimately improving the safety performance of critical infrastructures.


The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) granted Orca AI the world’s first Product Design Assessment (PDA) certification for an AI-based navigation safety platform.

Business Partners


In May 2023, Orca AI entered into a worldwide distribution deal with Marubeni, one of the largest distributors of maritime technology in Japan and South East Asia.


After recognizing the immense value of Orca AI's automated situational awareness solution in mitigating potential loss and downtime, NorthStandard teams up with Orca AI to offer a special discount on Orca AI platform to its members.

Technology and Innovation


Since 2020, Orca AI has been collaborating with Shell’s R&D teams, working together to drive innovation in maritime navigation. The initial trial involved implementing Orca AI’s cutting-edge technology on a Shell-managed gas tanker.


In February 2022, as part of the DFFAS (Designing the Future of Fully Autonomous Ships) consortium, Orca AI powered the world’s first autonomous commercial voyage in congested waters in partnership with MTI, NYK Group's R&D subsidiary and the Nippon Foundation.


Orca AI is an alumni of Intel Ignite, Intel’s startup acceleration program. Throughout the program Orca AI gained access to industry experts from all around Intel’s pool of thought leaders and industry experts.


Since its founding, Nvidia has been a pioneer in accelerated computing. Orca AI is part of Nvidia’s inception program for startups, which provides access to industry experts, computing resources, and AI processing.

Industry Associations


Orca AI is a proud member of Intercargo - The International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners, which represents the interests of quality dry cargo shipowners.


Orca AI is a proud member of Intertanko, the International Association of Independent Tanker Owners.


As part of its efforts to address regulatory challenges and advance the development of autonomous maritime transport systems, Orca AI is a member of OneSea, an international association that represents stakeholders across the autonomous ship sector.

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