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Rethinking shipping operations

Our Mission

Orca AI is on a mission to empower shipping with data-driven technologies and the automation needed for navigating the safest voyages with the most efficient operations.

Management Team

Dor Raviv

CTO & Co-founder

Yarden Gross

CEO & Co-founder

Shoval Bolotin


Tal Sella

VP Sales

Lirit Belisha


Raphael Pariente


Keren Raiten

VP Marketing

Yael Lubratzki Kurman

VP Product

Debbie Diamond

VP People

Advisory Board

Capt. Rajesh Unni

Founder & CEO of Synergy Marine Group; Co-CEO of Alpha Ori Group

Tal Babaioff


John F. Reinhart

Ex-Maersk & Virginia Port Authority

Our Story

The story of Orca AI begins 15 years ago, when our co-founders Yarden Gross and Dor Raviv met. They engrossed in a discussion about the profound impact autonomy, AI, and computer vision are making on the mobility, satellite, and aviation industries.

What if we could bring the power of AI and computer vision to the maritime industry?

Fast forward to 2018, when they founded Orca AI, inspired by the vision to bring the shipping industry to the digital age and to lay the foundation for global adoption of smart, fully autonomous ships. Today, Orca AI is moving fast with our robust team of maritime veterans, computer vision experts, deep learning engineers, creators, and doers, who are all driven by the mission to make ships smarter, to empower industry leaders to rethink shipping operations, and to be a leading force in spearheading the shipping revolution.


Help shape the future of shipping!

Orca AI is always on the lookout for top talent. If you love the ocean and have a passion for challenging existing maritime paradigms, check out our open positions and apply.

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