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Linux Administrator / Network Configurator


About The Position

Orca AI is seeking a Linux Administrator / Network Configurator to fill the role as Tech Ops Specialist - dynamic and challenging role providing critical technical support to customers . 

If you're looking to impact the future of the maritime industry, to be part of an awesome team, and to have a great time, this is the job for you!

A TechOps Specialist at Orca AI is responsible for managing deployed systems - including the hardware, software, and networking components. 

  • Systems monitoring - continuously monitor the organization's systems to ensure they run smoothly and detect potential problems. Systems monitoring is responsible for collecting data on system performance, setting up alerts to notify them of any issues, and analyzing system logs to identify the root cause of problems. They also perform routine health checks to ensure that systems are healthy and functioning as expected.
  • Automation - automate processes and tasks to improve efficiency and reduce the risk of errors. Automation capitalizes on automating software deployments, backups, system updates, and other routine tasks such as system health checks and performance monitoring. Automation also frees up time for TechOps professionals to focus on more complex tasks.
  • Collaboration - work closely with other teams, such as development, DevOps, QA, and PM, to ensure that systems are aligned with business needs and goals. TechOps professionals also support other teams and act as a resource for technical issues and questions.

What will you do?

  • Provide technical support to customers worldwide
  • Solve networking technical issues
  • Bring up and maintain Linux servers
  • Troubleshoot complex technical issues
  • Deploying SW upgrades 
  • Working with diverse teams to ensure customer satisfaction

Required Experience

  • 3+ years of experience as a integrator/noc engineer/network engineer/IT
  • Excellent understanding of technologies, operating systems, networking, and systems
  • Strong knowledge in - Linux and CLI commands
  • Self-motivated, enthusiastic, and able to handle multiple support cases
  • Remote diagnostic experience
  • Customer-oriented, and capable of providing high levels of client satisfaction
  • Excellent English (written and verbal)
  • Team player with a proactive attitude
  • Able to work independently
  • Generate and process customer invoices accurately and in timely manner


  • Experience deploying, managing, and troubleshooting network infrastructures.
  • Knowledge of server hardware
  • Maritime / Navy / Intelligence unit background
  • Knowledge of Ansible or similar automation tools

Apply for the position

Apply for the position