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Enhancing Safety for Maran Tankers Management – A Global Crude Shipping Powerhouse

The customer

Maran Tankers Management: A ‘Safety First’ Crude Shipping Company

Maran Tankers Management Inc. (MTM) is the crude oil transportation arm of veteran group shipping corporation. Angelicoussis Group, which operates nearly 150 wholly owned vessels. As a leading operator, MTM provides services for some of the world’s largest oil producers. The company is known for its emphasis on service, safety, operational excellence, minimal environmental impact, and highly cost-effective management. The company’s mission and strategic goals include “zero accidents, oil spills, loss of process, or lapses in security.”

The challenge

Always on the Lookout for Safety Innovation

Since its inception, MTM has been dedicated to creating a culture of safety on board and on shore.
The company sought a solution that would enhance fleet safety and manage risk by:

  • Enhancing situational awareness on board and getting a better understanding of the surroundings of the vessel.
  • Assisting crews with identifying high-risk targets in high-density areas like Singapore Port, where both moving and anchored vessels are present, and in waters congested with fishing vessels without AIS, such as the China Sea.
  • Identifying navigation trends on the fleet level, and taking data-driven actions.
  • Fine-tuning the company’s safety policy based on actual navigation performance.

Maritime crude oil transport is a highly complex business. Our safety-first approach together with our openness to technological innovation drives us to be on a constant lookout for cutting-edge solutions to lower safety risks. With Orca AI, MTM fleet crews now have an additional highly advanced navigational system to use which allows data driven, real time decisions to be made.”

Mr. Mark Pearson

Managing Director, Maran Tankers Management

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Reduction in # of close encounter events


Increase in minimum average distance from other vessels


Nautical miles sailed


Days of sailing