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Orca AI Wins the SMART4SEA Europort’s Technology Award 2023

November 9, 2023

Shay Nir, Marketing Manager, Orca AI

Orca AI Wins the SMART4SEA Europort’s Technology Award 2023

Exciting news from Orca AI! 

Orca AI’s SeaPod technology has won the prestigious Technology Award as part of the SMART4SEA competition. Recently, the winners were announced at the Europort 2023 Exhibition in Rotterdam. 

We are honored to have received this award from Safety4Sea, a dedicated advocate for Smart and Sustainable Shipping that recognizes technological achievements in the field of smart shipping. Winning the award serves as another testament to the major impact of the SeaPod look-out unit on the maritime industry, particularly in enhancing safety and operational efficiency.

“This award is a result of years of close collaboration with industry leaders and the hard work done by the Orca AI dedicated team”, says Yarden Gross, Co-Founder and CEO. Orca AI is committed to making shipping safer and more efficient on a global scale. Winning the Technology Award is a significant milestone for us, reinforcing our commitment to improving the way that shipping operates worldwide”.

Yarden Gross’s, Orca AI’s Co-Founder and CEO award acceptance speech