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Our new SeaPod is now available!

January 9, 2024

Shay Nir, Marketing Manager, Orca AI

Today, we are happy to release the new version of our SeaPod digital watchkeeping unit!

SeaPod, utilizing cutting-edge computer vision and machine learning, functions as an automatic navigational assistant, available 24/7 to handle complex marine traffic scenarios.

Imagine navigating through a congested channel with limited visibility, a situation prone to crew exhaustion and potential errors. SeaPod steps in as a practical solution, designed to minimize crew strain by detecting, tracking, and prioritizing targets, irrespective of distance. It operates as a fully automated navigational assistant, employing advanced computer vision and machine learning to process information, making it more efficient over time.

SeaPod revolutionizes marine navigation by self-improving through AI, empowering crews to make quick and informed decisions. This not only elevates current safety standards and operational efficiency but also lays the groundwork for safer autonomous navigation in the future.

Located on the ship’s compass deck, the SeaPod features five day-view cameras (225° FOV) and three thermal-view cameras (100° FOV) using FLIR technology. Integration with AIS and ARPA data generates a comprehensive dataset about each target. SeaPod can detect objects up to four nautical miles away, irrespective of vessel location and weather conditions.

Built to endure various weather conditions, humidity, and temperatures (-20°C to +40°C), SeaPod has undergone rigorous durability testing with a proven uptime of 99.999%. Its lightweight design (10 kilograms) and simplicity ensure easy installation, complying with regulatory standards such as IMO’s SOLAS Chapter V Regulation 22 and the STCW.

We take pride in our journey since 2018 and our commitment to revolutionizing marine safety and efficiency. The new version of the SeaPod, aims to facilitate smarter, data-driven decisions in challenging marine navigation. Here’s to calmer waters and safer journeys!